Valentine's Day - Celebrate it or forget it?

Valentine's Day is a rather controversial holiday. I started thinking about what this particular day on our calendars meant to people. Do they celebrate it or forget it?

As a single girl, I personally will be swiping left on the holiday this year with one exception. I am that odd ball mom who over celebrates every holiday with her children regardless of their age. I have two adult children with their own lives and own homes. But, of course I created little gift bags of valentine confection to drop off for them as a cute little surprise. Who doesn't smile when they receive a bag of those cringe worthy sugar hearts with words on them and the quintessential heart shaped box of chocolaty delight from their mom?

Many people think the holiday is over hyped and hope to forget it. This particular day of the year places pressure on people to show love for their partner and why can't we simply do that on a daily basis? That is what we are supposed to do when we are in love, right? Yes, we should celebrate our love for another person on a daily basis. This is one hundred percent true facts.

I say take the day for what it is, a silly day on the calendar just like National Pancake Day for example. Don't over expect, don't over celebrate. Instead, do some silly light hearted fun gesture for your partner. Side note, don't sleep on National Pancake Day either. Make pancakes and enjoy them. The same holds true for Valentine's Day, take the pressure off of yourself and your partner but celebrate the silliness. Cut out a heart shape from a piece of paper and simply write I love you.

Don't have a partner for this particular special occasion? That's ok too. Take my approach and have fun with the idea of the day and create a little treat for your children or friends or anyone.

Whatever you do on February 14th, do it from the heart. There is no right or wrong. Only you can decide to celebrate it or forget it. If you are in a relationship do make sure that you and your partner are on the same page as far as what to expect and what to do. There could be potential disappointment if you are planning a grandiose gesture of love that includes pink champagne and sky writing a note of affection and your partner grabs a hallmark card at the pharmacy on the corner on their way home from work on Monday. Every day on our calendar needs to be filled with things we enjoy doing and things that make us happy as individuals. Valentine's Day is no exception to that rule of life.

Share your V Day gestures with me @bygigigregg on instagram and twitter. Happy celebrating or happy forgetting. Do what works for you.

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