How do I safely celebrate the holidays with friends and family?

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While COVID-19 vaccines have helped us safely enjoy the things we missed, as we gather for the holidays this year, it's still critical that we take steps to reduce risk for ourselves and our loved ones.

The NJ Department of Health strongly recommends following the safety guidelines below to protect your family, friends, and community.

  • Get vaccinated against the flu and COVID-19.

  • Already vaccinated? Get a COVID-19 booster, if you're eligible (age 18).

  • Celebrate outside when possible, in well-ventilated indoor areas, and with people who are vaccinated.

  • Wear a mask indoors if you're unvaccinated, and regardless of your vaccination status, wear a mask in crowded indoor spaces, high risk areas, and around those who are at increased risk of severe disease.

  • Stay home and do not host a gathering if you feel sick.

  • Get tested if you have COVID-19 symptoms or are a close contact.

  • Delay travel until fully vaccinated.

  • If traveling during the holidays, visit the new NJDOH Traveler's Health page for safety tips and guidance!


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