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Stationhead Schedule Week Of 12/4 - 12/10

Stationhead is a music streaming app where talented music fans create music stations. The creator of the station known as a host, creates a "radio show" for their listeners. The show may be daily, weekly or whatever the host decides to schedule out. The host may talk about a specific topic or genre of music, or anything that they feel is interesting. The host will play music from any genre they enjoy via Spotify Premium or Apple Music. Every radio show holds a different feel and vibe depending on how the host creates the show. Stationhead is available to download for free on your app store of choice.

Please download the app and search gigigregg. Hit the follow. You will be sent a notification every time that I am live on air. If you do not want the notifications, you will find my schedule below or follow along in social media. I post about my upcoming shows. You will need to connect your Apple Music or Spotify Premium to the Stationhead app to listen to my shows on the Stationhead app. That is all you need to do. One click of a button. Super simple!

I create an Audio Cocktail blending the perfect mix of rock music from the 70s and beyond.

If you are not able to catch a live show, recorded replay is always available. Join me live, listen, chat, call in or make a request.

This weeks schedule -

Thursday 12/7 8pm - 12am eastern

Saturday 12/9 8pm - 12am eastern

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