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Rocktober Birthdays: Celebrating The Icons of Rock Music

The month of October is more than just pumpkin spice lattes and falling leaves; it's a time to celebrate some of the greatest legends in rock music history. As the leaves change colors, so do the rhythms and melodies that have shaped the world of rock 'n' roll. From the unforgettable guitar riffs of Chuck Berry to the poetic brilliance of John Lennon, October boasts a lineup of birthdays that have left an indelible mark on the musical landscape. Join us as we dive into the lives and legacies of these rock pioneers, whose music continues to resonate with fans of all generations. Get ready to rock and roll as we honor the birthdates of these iconic rock legends in the month of October.

To begin our Rocktober Series enjoy a list of rock icons and their birthdays. Do you share an October birthday with a rock legend?

October 2, 1971 - Jim Root

Guitarist for the band Slipknot

October 3,1954 - Stevie Ray Vaughan

Solo artist and guitarist for the band Double Trouble

Would have been 69

October 3, 1962 - Tommy Lee

Drummer for the band Motley Crue

October 3, 1972 - Lajon Witherspoon

Singer for the band Sevendust

October 3, 1979 - Josh Klinghoffer

Guitarist for the bands Red Hot Chilli Peppers and Pearl Jam

October 5, 1947 - Brian Johnson

Singer for the band AC DC

October 7, 1951 - John Mellencamp

American singer-songwriter known for hits like "Jack and Diane" and "Pink Houses".

October 7, 1953 - Tico Torres

Drummer for the band Bon Jovi

October 8, 1948 - Johnny Ramone

Guitarist for the band Romones

Would have been 75

October 9, 1940 - John Lennon

English musician, singer, and songwriter, a member of The Beatles.

Would have been 83

October 9, 1944 - John Entwistle

English bass guitarist and member of The Who.

Would have been 79

October 10, 1954 - David Lee Roth

Singer for the band Van Halen

October 12, 1935 - Sam Moore

American R&B and soul singer, one half of the duo Sam & Dave.

October 12, 1958 - Jeff Keith

Singer for the band Tesla

October 13, 1947 - Sammy Haegar

Singer for the band Van Halen

October 13, 1960 - Joey Belladonna

Singer and drummer for the band Anthrax

October 15, 1938 - Fela Kuti

Nigerian musician and activist, known for pioneering Afrobeat.

Would have been 85

October 16, 1962 - Flea

Played bass for the band Red Hot Chilli Peppers

October 18, 1926 - Chuck Berry

American guitarist, singer, and songwriter, often called the "father of rock and roll".

Would have been 97

October 20, 1950 - Tom Petty

Singer and guitarist for the band Tom Petty and The Heartbreakers

Would have been 73

October 21, 1940 - Manfred Mann

South African-British keyboardist and leader of the band Manfred Mann's Earth Band.

October 22, 1952 - Jeff Goldblum

American actor and jazz pianist, occasionally performs with his band, The Mildred Snitzer Orchestra. Starred in movies such as Jurassic Park and Independence Day.

October 22, 1976 - Joe Foreman

Singer and guitarist for Switchfoot

October 23, 1964 - Robert Trujillo

Plays bass for the band Metallica

October 24, 1979 - Ben Gillies

Drummer for the band Silverchair

October 25, 1947 - Glenn Tipton

Guitarist for the band Judas Priest

October 25, 1961 - Chad Smith

Drummer for the band Red Hot Chilli Peppers

October 27, 1949 - Garry Tallent

American musician and founding member of Bruce Springsteen's E Street Band.

October 27, 1967 - Scott Weiland

Singer for the band Stone Temple Pilots, Velvet Revolver

Would have been 56

October 29, 1955 - Kevin DuBrow

Singer for the band Quiet Riot

Would have been 68

October 30, 1946 - Chris Slade

Drummer for the band AC DC

October 30, 1965 - Gavin Rossdale

Singer and guitarist for the band Bush

October 31, 1963 - Mikkey Dee

Drummer for the bands Motorhead and Scorpions

October 31, 1966 - Adam Horovitz

Rapper and guitarist for the band Beastie Boys

October 31, 1981 - Frank Iero

Guitarist and singer for the band My Chemical Romance

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