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Murder and Synagogue Politics, and Books About Building a Better Life

Updated: Nov 7, 2020

(NewsUSA) - "Two Jews = Three Shuls" by Sandra Tankoos "An engaging stew of murder mystery and synagogue politics." A respected Rabbi is found murdered in his synagogue in a wealthy suburb on Long Island, NY. Deborah Katzman, its first woman president and a Holocaust survivor, was charged with reducing the growing friction within it walls. The Rabbi had been growing more traditional at the same time as his congregants were becoming more liberal. Younger women were clamoring for equal participation in religious services. Emotions were exploding . . . but is all of this enough to cause murder? Purchase at "The Sergeant's Daughter" by Teressa Shelton  As a little girl, Teressa's father dotes on her and her little sister, Karen, while mercilessly mocking her older sister, Debbie. Teressa thinks it's Debbie's fault - until she gets older and he begins tormenting her too. His verbal abuse turns physical. Her sergeant father brings his military life home, meeting each of his daughters' infractions with extreme punishment. Meanwhile, their mother watches silently. Terrified to tell anyone, Teressa seeks solace in books, music, and the family she can find outside of her home: a best friend, a kind neighbor, and a doting grandfather. Teressa ultimately grows into a young woman who understands that if she wants a better life, she'll have to build it for herself. Purchase at "The Mill of Lost Dreams" by Lori Rohda  Between 1870 and 1900, twelve million people immigrated to America. Hundreds of thousands of them came to work in the textile mills of Fall River, Massachusetts. The Mill of Lost Dreams is a story of love, friendship and sacrifice that provides an inside view into the world of textile mills and the daily life of seven courageous souls who leave home and risk everything for a better life. Over the course of seven decades, there are marriages, births, secrets exposed, friendships tested, and innocence lost. Some succeed in making a new life away from harm, but pay a terrible price. Many cannot build the life they dreamed of, and the consequences impact and shape the lives of their children - and their children's children. Purchase at "The Man's Guide for Online Dating Success" by Darel Ison  From swipes to Super Likes, online apps such as Tinder, Match, Bumble, and Coffee Meets Bagel have changed the dating game. And most men can't make it off the bench. But Darel Ison has been successfully online dating for over 20 years. He has gone on hundreds of dates and made his mistakes, so you won't have to. This book follows his best - and worst - online dating adventures and shares the formula he's perfected for connecting with women. Ison gives readers advice on mentally and physically preparing for the online dating world. He introduces best practices for the most popular dating sites and apps, helps daters draft a standout profile and attract women's attention. Purchase at Note: BookBites is a continuing series bringing readers information and ideas for their next read. For more reading ideas, visit and subscribe to our weekly newsletter.

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