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Move Fashion Forward In 2021

The first year of the current pandemic was less than fashionable. During the year 2020, we were trying to figure out exactly how to function. How to live in the new normal known as a pandemic. We did the best we could as we endured the emotional rollercoaster of ups and downs, twists and turns. Every day a new life altering historical event was taking place around us. What ever happened to the murder hornets? They kind of phased out quickly, I expected that entire situation to be a bigger deal.

As we began to work from home (if we were privileged to have that option and not considered an essential employee.) I will never understand why the cashier at Taco Bell was considered an essential worker. Don't misinterpret me, I love the occasional nacho supreme from my local Taco Bell, don't get me wrong but, not really essential when we are talking about saving lives. Anyway, let me get back on track. We faced many new challenges and differences. We were virtually educating our children from home with the assistance of their teachers. We were trying to navigate some type of social life as we scheduled virtual playdates for our children and virtual playdates for adults. Zoom has become a household essential. Finding time to virtually connect with friends and families "new normal" was not always an easy task. Shopping for all of our daily needs all online. It's exhausting! Cooking every meal and let's be honest, we never did that before. It is no secret that we survived all of these new tasks only by the support of our jammies and yoga pants. Well... wine. Wine definitely helped us survive. I might keep day drinking wine post pandemic. I think the cocktail hour of the 1950s and 1960s made a comeback and cocktail hour at home is here to stay. Roll in the bar cart!

2020 was the year of no fashion. Maybe and I mean maybe, we had the decency to throw on a little mascara and run a brush through our hair prior to logging onto a zoom call but some days, even that small amount of effort was highly unlikely. There became a point in time where it was not even expected any longer. We were doing the best we could to survive a pandemic. A PANDEMIC!

Almost a year later to the day, I have decided that 2021 is the year that fashion reenters our life. We are still in middle of a pandemic but, we know how to navigate it now. We learned, we grew. We held life together for ourselves, our community and our families. I am proud of us.

We remain working from home, virtually educating our children, online shopping, holding up our zoom social life and cooking at home. Plot twist, nothing changed with the pandemic, however, we can change ourselves and embrace this pandemi until it is gone.

I challenge all of us to get up, get dressed in our favorite outfits complete with accessories. Maybe not shoes, we don't wear shoes in our home, that is simply gross when you thing about where your shoes have been and what they have walked on or in.

The winter months during a pandemic are sparking seasonal depression on some level in every single one of us. OK, maybe not everyone, we will exclude Florida from everyone because they decided to turn a blind eye to the pandemic and pretend it doesn't exist.

Getting dressed, doing our hair, doing our makeup and accessorizing will make us feel more normal in a less than normal situation. I guarantee you, you will be more productive, feel more energized and in a split second, you will feel like your pre pandemic fabulous self. Bring fashion back into your life. Put away the sweatpants and hoodies in a drawer somewhere. A deep drawer, a bottom drawer, throw them on a top shelf of a closet. Burn them, do whatever needs to be done so you do not wear them and mistake them for acceptable pandemic fashion. The goal is to move fashion forward in 2021. We are bringing real outfits and style back into our lives.

We need to take an oath to only wear jammies between the hours of 8pm and 8am. Also, for the love of all things fabulous, stop wearing jammies to Starbucks. Also, hard stop on the day jammies and night jammies. We move forward in real clothes. We got this, fashion returns in 2021.

Let's take a break and take a moment to talk about the TikTok millennials, why are they trying to take away gen z and gen x's side parts and skinny jeans? Stop it! One generation does not wake up one day and decide to change the entire course of trends and tell people they are wrong. Be your own trend setter. If you look and feel your best in straight leg jeans and a middle part, go for it. I personally, in true gen x style will own my side part, rock my skinny jeans and look to the fashionably fabulous for inspiration (not trends) on what fun look I will try next or look to fashion icons of days gone by to inspire my next outfit. Always creating and aspiring to be my own unique form of self as a fashion trendsetter not follower.

Tag me in your fashionably fabulous pics @bygigigregg on Instagram and @gigigregg on facebook

xo - Gigi

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