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Maruchan Celebrates its Fans with New Brand Anthem Campaign

America's favorite ramen brand introduces a fan-inspired song and brand campaign that celebrates Maruchan's loyal community

Maruchan, the producer of America's favorite instant ramen noodles, unveiled today a love song dedicated to its loyal community of fans, with a brand campaign and commercial debut. For over 45 years, Maruchan has delivered the same high quality, flavorful instant noodles at an accessible price point. Maruchan enthusiasts recognize this key differentiator and proudly show their brand love in creative ways, including recipe hacks and fan art, which is what inspired the brand's new fan anthem.

The spot brings Maruchan fans' love to life through vibrant scenes featuring mouthwatering product shots, set to a catchy beat with lyrics pulled directly from fans' Tweets, comments, and posts.

"Our mission in creating Maruchan's Anthem is to honor our dedicated fans who show the brand love and recognize that not all instant ramen is created equal," said Mark Machino, Manager, Sales and Marketing at Maruchan. "Our new Anthem pulls direct quotes from Maruchan fans' social conversation and content as an acknowledgement and thank you for being a part of our community."

The new Maruchan Anthem campaign was created by AMP Agency in partnership with award-winning director Ben Hansford and THE-GHOST. "AMP Agency's partnership with Maruchan over the last few years has given us a front-row seat to watch the brand growth and community love. With the Anthem campaign, we focused on creating a lyrical embodiment of all that the Maruchan community loves about the brand with the goal of spreading the love to new consumers, ultimately expanding Maruchan's core audience," said John DeGray, Creative Director at AMP Agency.

In collaboration with Maruchan, AMP Agency built an integrated marketing plan to support the campaign, including a comprehensive paid media plan across a variety of multimedia including television, digital, streaming, and social media that will reach national audiences. In addition, the agency is working with influencer partners on TikTok and Instagram to promote the catchy theme song, and the team has crafted clever Maruchan merch kits that will be sent as a Surprise & Delight tactic to influencers and social media followers. There will also be social giveaways hosted on Maruchan's Instagram to promote the campaign and give fans a chance to win specialty branded goodies.

Maruchan will also bring its Anthem to life through ramen pop-up events at festivals this October. The brand hosted its first event this past Saturday in San Diego, and the next two ramen pop-ups will take place in Nashville and San Antonio. At each event, Maruchan is creating a collaborative community experience that includes music, food, and a celebration of all things Maruchan. At the center of each activation, the brand partnered with local artists to create a unique mural design that further celebrates the creativity of the Maruchan community. Attendees at the festivals outlined below will also enjoy fan-favorite ramen staples with onsite, chef-created dishes, as well as photo opportunities, games, giveaways and more.

You can find the Anthem on YouTube, or, for more information on the brand, visit the Maruchan website or the brand's Instagram or Twitter.

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