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Fender Unveils the Highway Series: A New Era for Acoustic Guitars

Updated: Oct 18

Fender Musical Instruments Corporation (FMIC) has once again pushed the boundaries of musical innovation with the introduction of the Highway Series, the latest addition to their legendary lineup. Comprising two distinct models, the Parlor and Dreadnought, these acoustic guitars are not just instruments; they are works of art that blend classic aesthetics with cutting-edge technology. The Highway Series is set to redefine the acoustic guitar experience for musicians everywhere.

A Modern Take on Tradition Historically, acoustic guitars have been known for their large and bulky body shapes. However, Fender is rewriting this rulebook with the Highway Series. Taking inspiration from their groundbreaking history in electric guitars, this series challenges convention and offers a more streamlined approach to acoustic guitars. It caters to the diverse needs of modern musicians, offering versatility both on and off the stage.

The Best of Both Worlds While Fender's Acoustasonic series led the charge in acoustic-electric design, the Highway Series manages to find the perfect balance between innovation and tradition. These guitars seamlessly combine cutting-edge acoustic-electric technology with the timeless charm of traditional instruments. The result is an instrument that not only shines on stage but also inspires musicians to explore their creativity in quieter settings.

Fishman® Partnership Fender has collaborated with Fishman to bring their advanced electronic pickup technology, the Fishman® Fluence® Acoustic pickup, to the realm of traditional acoustics. This partnership ensures that these guitars offer exceptional performance and sound quality. The fully integrated pickup system allows for a seamless transition from unplugged to amplified, eliminating the need for frantic stage volume adjustments that often accompany acoustic performances.

The Dreadnought and Parlor Models Both models in the Highway Series feature an ergonomic and lightweight body design to ensure optimal comfort and precision. The Dreadnought model comes crafted with either a solid sitka spruce or genuine mahogany top, inlaid into a fully chambered mahogany body. Its proprietary internal architecture, including a tapered X bracing pattern and ergonomic thinline design, ensures remarkable resonance and dynamic, organic tone. The Fishman Fluence® acoustic pickup system takes your amplified acoustic tones to new heights, delivering clarity and feedback resistance. Whether you opt for natural or all-mahogany finishes, the Highway Series Dreadnought is engineered for the modern live musician.

The Parlor model offers all the same exceptional features, but in a slightly more compact and tapered design, making it the perfect choice for musicians on the move.

The Highway Series in Action Fender's launch of the Highway Series is accompanied by a creative campaign featuring the popular band Mt. Joy. Known for their chart-topping singles and energetic live performances, Mt. Joy embodies the spirit of the Highway Series. In a video series titled "On The Road," Fender follows Mt. Joy on tour, offering a behind-the-scenes look at their experiences. The band attests to the importance of lightweight guitars with feedback-resistant pickups for their live performances, underscoring the value of the Highway Series in a real-world context.

The Highway Series by Fender is a game-changer in the world of acoustic guitars. It combines a striking appearance with state-of-the-art technology, offering musicians a new avenue for sonic exploration and self-expression. With a commitment to innovation and quality, Fender has dedicated a section of its Corona, California factory exclusively to the production of acoustic-electric guitars.

The Highway Series Dreadnought and Parlor models are priced at $999.99 USD and are available in various finishes. They are not just instruments; they are tools for creativity and self-expression. Fender's dedication to pushing the boundaries of guitar design and manufacturing is evident in the Highway Series, where tradition meets innovation.

For more information and detailed product descriptions, visit Fender's official website.

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In a world where music and innovation collide, Fender continues to lead the way, giving musicians the wings to fly and the tools to create. The Highway Series is the latest testament to Fender's commitment to connecting players through their shared love of music.

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