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Donation Button To Relieve The Financial Burden Of Medical Expenses

A donation button is located at the top of

Our editor in chief Gigi Gregg's teenage daughter Taylor was exposed to covid 19 at work.

After a long battle with covid 19 she is experiencing many different medical issues due to covid 19 complications.

She has a long road ahead. Due to the unknown and ever changing information surrounding covid 19, doctors are not certain at this time if she will in fact ever fully recover or hold any knowledge as to if these complications will in fact be life long at only 17 years of age. We hold onto hope for a full recovery as we embrace month five of covid complications.

The medical financial burden is large. We ask that you donate if you are able to. Please share, send thoughts, prayers and positive vibes.

Our hearts go out to the families impacted by covid 19 across the globe.

Wishing you a happy, healthy, safe holiday season.

Thank you! - #TeamTaylor

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