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Democrat VS Republican

Unity... the world needs unity. Nothing in life or the world will change unless you change yourself. End hatred, embrace differences, treat everyone with kindness and respect. That is how we engage in the change needed to create unity. Our actions of being better humans can create a world and life that we are proud of. It doesn’t matter whether we are a democrat or republican, be known for being kind and being part of the positive change this world needs. Unity!

What action will you take to be a better human regardless of your political affiliation? We all need to do better and be better.

We need to allow ourselves the opportunity to end the thought process that one political affiliation is bad compared to the other depending on which side of the political coin your support falls on. Sadly, with all of the division surrounding this particular election year, the fact remains, no one person or political party can repair it. That task is up to each individual person of the United States of America to actively do to achieve the goal at hand.

We are all trying to survive a global pandemic, that is stressful enough. We all need to come together with unity to create peace. The United States needs peace. Together we can make a difference by opening our mind to differences and ideas that make each of us unique. Open our hearts to respect each other and unify all of us. Let's all come together and repair our broken country starting with our souls.

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