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BookBites: Swing into Fall with Four Stirring Stories

Updated: Nov 7, 2020

(NewsUSA) - "The Lines Between Us" by Rebecca D'Harlingue

In 1661 Madrid, Ana's young niece Juliana suddenly vanishes. Ana searches the girl's room and finds a diary. After a futile search in Spain, she comes to Juliana's final entries, and, discovering the horrifying reason for the girl's flight, abandons her search.

In 1992 Missouri, in her deceased mother's home, Rachel finds a diary by a woman named Juliana. Rachel recognizes the names Ana and Juliana: her mother uttered them on her deathbed. As she learns the truth about Juliana's tragic family history, Rachel seeks to understand her connection to the writings - hoping that in finding those answers, she will heal the wounds caused by her mother's lifelong reticence. Purchase at

"The Best Part of Us" by Sally Cole-Misch

Beth cherished her childhood family summers on a pristine northern Canadian lake. Theirs was an unshakeable bond with nature, family, and friends. But that bond was torn apart, first as rights to their island were questioned and then by nature itself, and the family was forced to leave.

Fourteen years later, Beth has created a new life in urban Chicago. There, she's erected a barrier between the past and present, no matter how much it costs - until her grandfather asks her to return to the island to determine its fate. Will she choose to preserve whom she has become, or risk everything to discover if what was lost still remains? Purchase at

"A Wife in Bangkok" by Iris Mitlin Lav

Crystal's husband, Brian, is being sent to manage his company's Bangkok office and he expects her and their children to come along. She reluctantly acquiesces. She doesn't want to leave everything familiar in their small Oklahoma town; it's 1975, however, and Crystal, a woman with traditional values, feels she has to be a good wife.

Crystal finds beauty in Thailand, but also isolation and betrayal. Fighting intense loneliness and buffeted by a series of shocking events, she struggles to adapt to a different culture and battle a severe depression and, ultimately, decide whether her broken relationship with her husband is worth saving. Purchase at

"A Place Called Zamora" by LB Gschwandtner

Niko and El are trapped in a politically corrupt dystopian city where brutality rules. After winning a cynical race where only one rider can survive, Niko tosses aside his chance to join the city's corrupt inner circle by choosing lovely El as his prize - thus upsetting the ruling order and placing them both in danger.

With the Regime hunting them and the children of the city fomenting a guerrilla revolt, they attempt a daring escape to the possibly mythical utopia of Zamora. But as events unfold, the stirrings of love El once felt for Niko begin to morph into mistrust. If they reach Zamora, will Niko ever claim his secret birthright? And what will the future hold if he loses El? Purchase at

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