Spa Day Bundle

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Our Spa Day Bundle includes the following

1 Lemon sugar foaming hand soap

1 Cherry blossom candle

1 Vanilla sugar bath salt

1 Cherry almond soap bar

1 Milk & Collagen face bar

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Gigi & Geneva founded in 2021. Named after, Gigi, myself and Geneva, my late grandmother. 

Two weeks before my grandmother passed away at 90 years young, I asked her what I should do in her honor, her memory. What defines her legacy to her?

My grandmother had a reply that I found to be profound. She felt that her legacy lives on in any good things her family that she created contributes to the world. She reached out to hold my hand as she took a deep breathe and released these words that remain in my soul. "You will figure it out when the opportunity is right. You, you can change the world. Even the smallest amount of change. Whatever impact you decide to make to leave this world a better place every night compared to how you found it in the morning. Help those less fortunate, acknowledge those struggling and always be kind to yourself. That is how you honor the life I lived."

My grandmother experienced a few battles with skin cancer over her lifetime. Clean products were very important to her. She would call me to remind me to moisturize and go on and on about the importance of taking care of my skin and self care. She started these conversations with me as long as I can remember. I recall as a child amazed at how soft my grams skin was. Somehow she managed to maintain her soft skin at 90 years young. 

In early 2019 as health and wellness became the forefront of conversations everywhere, I began to take a hard look at the ingredients of the soap, shampoo, body lotion and other products in my home that my family and I utilize on a daily basis. I must admit I was less than thrilled with my discovery. I wanted to use and create and share products that smell fabulous and are good for us. Clean plant based ingredients, cruelty free. As the world's priorities changed to more time with family, less time out of our homes and the workforce changing, I decided to embrace the change and share my passion and vision. 

Here we are almost two years later and ladies and gentlemen I introduce to you, Gigi & Geneva Apothecary Products. A line of products that you can feel confident about using on a daily basis. A brand you can stand behind. An affordable way to enjoy good for your health products that smell fabulous. A brand that vows to contribute back to the communities we live in and leave this world a better place every single night compared to how we found it in the morning. 

Thank you for supporting my business. - Gigi xo 

Plant based, clean ingredients that are cruelty free and smell fabulous.